affittacamere pietra ligure turismo

Overnight discount: 1 day free every 7

Give yourself another day off! Every seven nights, the 7th night is free.

convenzione ristorante

Discount on lunch and dinner at the Ristorante al Castello

For lunches and dinners at our restaurant / pizzeria you can enjoy a 10% discount


Affiliated Places

convenzione centro estetico

Beauty center

  • Beauty Academy: via Chiazzari N.31 – 17027 Pietra Ligure (SV) – 10% discount on treatments
  • Il Centro In Centro: piazza Franchelli, 7, 17027 Pietra Ligure SV – 10% discount on treatments
  • Esteticamente Corpo: via Don Giuseppe Bado, 105 Pietra Ligure (SV) – 10% discount on treatments

Beach resorts

  • Bagni Lido: Via Don Giovanni Bado, 121A, 17027 Pietra Ligure (SV)
  • Bagni Flora: Via Don Giovanni Bado, 83, 17027 Pietra Ligure (SV)

Rental services

  • Nolo da Pria: Via Francesco Crispi, 33 – 17027 Pietra Ligure SV – Rent for bike and scooter